I’m a sucker for a well designed bottle but I’m an even bigger sucker for great tasting new products. You get a little of both from Belvoir Fruit Farms.


Belvoir Fruit Farms

With a full line that includes Crushes (rather Pressés)Stills and Cordials, Belvoir products are made in the Lincolnshire countryside. It is Belvoir’s Cordial’s that peaked my interest. I thought to myself…is this similar to a rakija or just some pressed juiced? Well according to Belvoir:

“For generations, country people have been making fruit cordials as a way of preserving summer fruits to enjoy over the winter months. “

There is no fermentation period with the fruits,  so you get the great fruit taste without the alcohol found in other preserves since it becomes a concentrated syrup.  The result is another amazing ingredient to play with when trying your own alchemy.

Photos via Belvoir Fruit Farms