With love in the air this month,  I thought I would showcase a project I like to call Bedroom Boudoir.  This project was a fun exercise to making a bachelor’s bedroom a bit more sensual.

Here’s a few highlights of the techniques used in this room:

Fabric on the Walls

The first step was applying a wall treatment that would wow. Fabrics on the wall, make a great temporary yet grand solution to a room.  There are a few different ways to approaching application.  There are few great tutorials on application here and here.  The method used in the room was a variation the use of starch.  Panels were cut from the roll of fabric and then liquid starch was rolled on the fabric directly on to the walls.  While drying thumbtacks placed evenly to give the wall a nail head effect  Regardless of your approach, if you find a fabric you like its very important that you wash and try the fabric.–so the fabric does not color stain your walls.

Focused Lighting

Lighting affects the way you view a room and of course how you feel in a  room, while  you may not be able to control natural light, there are some tricks to bringing in light in a more controlled environment to get the sensual feel.

1. Symmetrical statement lighting

Often nightstand lights are thought of more in terms of function rather than decorative purpose.  Surprising they can do both with twin lamps–see the red one below with a large shade you create a softness to you’ll appreciate in a bedroom,

2.  Natural lighting with candle light–you can save this for the boudoir function or even the day time.

3. Overhead lighting.  Great Statement lamps can do wonders!

Texture in bedding

Some people get scared in using different colors and patterns in their bedding.  Don’t be scared. Adding a contrast color to the bedding makes the highlight of the room stand out more and more interesting to look at creating another focal point in the room.